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Hi! I'm Mahesh Dattatraya Babar, Platform Engineer working at Quantiphi

I'm a software developer from India with over 3 years of experience in building applications mostly in DevOpos and Web Technologies. In the past I've worked as a Full Stack Developer, Instructor for Full Stack Development, and Front-End Developer at NGO.

In the past I have worked on different cool projects and experienced space at an early stage startups as a Full Stack Developer Intern. Few of them are SGJSS, EduBenchers, Skill Geek Private Limited and Arema Technologies

Currently I'm working with Quantiphi as a Platform Engineer.

If you happen to be in the same city I live (currently in Pandharpur), maybe we can hang out (or code, of course) together.

  • Birthday: 11 June 2000
  • Phone: +91 9326585415
  • City: Mumbai, India
  • Email: maheshdbabar9340@gmail.com


Web Development


Data Structures

Business Intelligence



Deep Learning

Image Processing


B.E. in Information Technology

July 2018 - Present
CGPA till Sem V

HSC From Shivaji University, Kolhapur

June 2016 - June 2018

SSC From Pune University, Pune

June 2006 - June 2016


Python (Basic) Certificate

Python (Intermediate) Certificate

Python (Advanced) Certificate

Elements of AI

Build A Board Game Predictor Using Machine Learning

The Complete Full-Stack JavaScript Course!

Java (Basic) Certificate


Classical Music Tabla Player

Member of NSS Fr. CRCE 2019-20

Junior Event Head of IIC Fr. CRCE 2019-20


Arema Technologies

June 2021 - Present

Developer Intern, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

  • Worked on websites like   JioMart   with different different categories (Fruits and Vegetables, Dairy and Bakery, Men, Women, Boys and Girls, Snacks and Branded Foods and many more...) for scraping of data like Name of the product, weigth of the product, M.R.P, Price and Discount for that specific product.
  • After that, I worked on newspapers like   अमर उजाला   and   दैनिक भास्कर   for scraping of news with different different states and cities.
  • Also I worked on India NGOs List for scraping of all details of each ngo like NGO Name, Unique Id, Chief Functionary, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Type of NGO, Registration Number, City of Registration, State of Registration and Date of Registration categorised with states and all cities in specific states.
  • Also I worked on scraping of mobile number and other important details from all images which are stored in one folder.
  • Also I worked on Business websites like   agrayellowpages   for scraping of mobile number of whole website with different different categories like Agriculture, Apparels & Garments Automobiles, Ayurvedic & Herbal, Bicyles & Rickshaw, Business Services, Chemicals Computer & IT Soulution, Construction & Real Estate, Doctors & Ceners, Education & Institute Electronics & Electricals, Energy & Power, Environment and Pollution, Food & Beverages Footwears & Leather Goods, Furniture, Gifts & Crafts, Health & Beauty Home Appliances & Suppliers, Hotels & Catering, Industrial Suppliers Jewelery & Gemstone, Machinery, Marriage Bureau Medicals & Hospitals, Mineral & Metals, Office Supplies, Packaging & Papers Paper & Paper Products, Pipe Cement, Plastics Products Printing & Publishing, Pulley Manufacturer, Rain Water Harvesting RCC Products, Scientific Instruments, Security & Protection, Sports & Entertainments Sports Infrastructure, Sports Infrastructure, Tele-Communication Textile & Fabrics, Tour & Travels, Transpotaion Services.


April 2021 - July 2021

Campus Manager Intern, Surat, Gujarat, India

  • As a Campus Manager at EduBenchers, My work is to hire Marketing and Sales Intern, those who are having good strength, Brightest and Best.
  • After hiring interns for one month, another task is to train them well, Able to make good interactive with great leadership and communnication skills for getting more conversions.
  • For one month, If interns have any problems(Technical or Non-technical) regarding internship, I will be solving for one month as a Leader with friendly nature.

Skill Geek Private Limited

March 2021 - May 2021

Algorithm Development Intern, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

  • In the First task, I found complexity of given problems with the help of Recursion Tree, For loops and Masters Theorem by considering Best Case, Average Case and Worst Case complexity.
  • After that, My work is to reduce time complexity of given problems till O(Log(n)).
  • In the second task, I used Prim's Algorithm and Kruskal's Algorithm and Dijkstra’s Algorithm for finding minimum spanning tree and also other problems to reduce time complexity till O(Log(n)).
  • In the next task, I learned about Pairwise Sequence Alignment : Aligning X to Substring of Y with the help of Needleman-Wunsch algorithm for global alignment and also learned about Multiple Heuristic Alignment.

  • Overall Learning

  • 1. Specifically on Needleman-Wunsh Algorithm for Multiple Heuristic Pattern
  • 2. Dijkstra's , Prims and Kruskals algorithm for finding shortest path in the tree.(Minimum Spanning Tree).
  • 3. Worked on Binary Search approach, merge sort algorithm approach for creating algorithms and flowcharts.
  • 4. Finding Time complexity and space complexity of given problem using Master's Theorem, Recursion Tree.
  • 5. After that worked on optimization of time complexity till O(log(n)).
  • 6. For some questions, first worked on Greedy approach followed by Dynamic programming for the same problems.
  • 7. Also worked on Worst, Average and Best time complexity.


March 2021 - April 2021

Full Stack Web Developer Intern, Surat, Gujarat, India

  • As a instructor for Web Development at EduBenchers I covered Frontend, Backend as well as Database with other essential technologies from Basics with 21:25:41 Hours of Video Lectures.
  • In Frontend I took HTM5, CSS3, JavaScript and Framework of HTML, CSS and JavaScript which is Bootstrap with all demos and 9 projects.
  • Also I covered PHP MyAdmin and MySQL as a Backend.
  • And At last I covered topics like XML, JSON and Understanding of REST and API.

  • Projects covered in this Web-Development Course

    • Simple Page Layout For Travelling Website
    • My Awesome Website
    • Google Home Page UI
    • Resposive Welcome Page
    • EduBenchers Coming Soon Page
    • Survey Page
    • Number Guessing Game
    • Form Validation

Shree Guru Jambeshwar Sewa Sansthan, SGJSS

February 2021 - April 2021

Front End Web Developer Intern, Jaipur, Rajstan, India

  • We created static website for Shree Guru Jambeshwar Sewa Sansthan SGJSS which is NGO in Jaipur, Rajstan.
  • We are a team of 3 members created different pages as like Home, About Us, Gallery (Photos and Videos), Volunteers, What We Do? (Events, Projects and Covid 19), and Donate.
  • Also we tested payment gateway for Donation Page with the help of Razorpay. Now it is in the Testing Mode.


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  • Web-Development
  • Project


Languages and Databases

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My Home Address

Kola Road, Canal No. 3, Chopadi

Sangola, Solapur, Maharashtra

India 413308

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+91 9326585415